Director of Missions Report (2017 Annual Meeting)

Since our last annual meeting we have lost one of our beloved pastors, Leonard Rader, has been promoted to glory. Leonard served as Pastor of Green Hill Baptist in Murfreesboro for many years as well as serving the churches of the Association as the Interim Director of Missions prior to my arrival. I feel it is only fitting that I begin my report in honor of his memory and service.  On the back of your program you will find a photo of Bro. Leonard.

Among the many things Leonard Rader did for the Association, one was to serve as Webmaster. Since Leonard’s passing, our website has continued to get more and more out of date and I have learned to appreciate all he did in this area. I wanted to make the Association aware that the website has been redesigned (thanks goes to Doug Campbell, Lead Pastor of Mission Point Church) and is up and functioning at  Our old web address,, will redirect to our new site as well.

As some of you may know, a parcel of land was gifted to the Association and was sold by our Trustees at auction for $82,000.00. The first thing we did was set aside $8200.00 as a tithe and sent it to Guatemala to pay for the materials to build a school there.  Pastor Terry Campbell has led the effort to complete that school project.

The remaining revenue from the sale (after the cost of the auction and 2016 property taxes were covered) went to the Mission Ministry Fund to add even more earning power to the existing fund. This Fund supports the mission trips our churches take. 

This past year, sixteen (16) of our churches applied for and received $32,656.00 to assist them in their church’s mission efforts.  For a full report, see below.

In addition to preaching in our churches when invited, I was able to travel to Guatemala with several of our Concord Baptist Association pastors to lead a Church Leadership Conference in Guatemala.  I also was able to travel to Rhode Island & Connecticut on a Vision Tour where we met five church planting pastors.  It is our desire to see churches in Tennessee partner with these church-planting pastors in the New England area.

I appreciate your support & prayers for me and please know I feel it is an honor and a blessing to serve as your Director of Missions. 

Kevin Minchey