Mission Ministry Assistance Fund - Revised 5/16/11

The Mission Ministry Assistance Fund is an endowment fund with money derived from the sale of the Baptist Center on Church Street, less the funds needed to buy property, build and equip a new Baptist Center facility.

This endowment fund shall be called the Mission Ministry Assistance Fund of the Concord Baptist Association. Only funds derived from the interest of the endowment will be available for the Mission Ministry Fund less 10% of income, which will be reinvested into the fund.  The principle of the endowment fund will always remain intact.

The Mission Ministry Assistance Fund will be managed by the Administrative Leadership Team of the Association.  Report on activity of fund will be given at Executive Committee meetings.  Assistance to mission ministry projects will be considered for community outreach, new church starts, and mission trips.

The purpose of the Mission Ministry Assistance Fund will be to:

  • Encourage the churches of Concord Baptist Association to engage in carefully and prayerfully planned projects.
  • Implement the project with actions marked by quality work and committed service.

Applicants for funds will be asked to follow a specific planning process and to submit a written request describing the following areas:

  1. Name and briefly describe the project.
  2. Describe the needs being addressed.
  3. Establish specific, realistic goals/outcomes for the project
  4. Describe the following:
    • Preparation plans and calendar
    • Implementing plans and calendar
    • Follow-up plan 
  5. Submit a complete, realistic budget for the project.
  6. State the support being offered by the church, such as…
    • Pastor’s support
    • Church approval
    • Financial support by the church.
  7. Describe how you will measure the effectiveness of the project
  8. Agree to submit a final report to the association.

The process for application for Mission Ministry Assistance funding:

  1. The amount of assistance available for missions ministry funding is totally dependent upon the interest income from the endowment funds less 10% of income, which will be reinvested into the fund.
  2. Awards will be considered for matching funds assistance ranging from $500-$2000 per project.  (Multiple churches may cooperate on a single ministry project.)
  3. Applications must be in written form, describing the mission project envisioned, the needs to be met, a brief description of the activities, goals and outcomes anticipated, and the planning/implementing process to be followed.
  4. Awards may be granted in January and June.  Applications must be received by November 1 for January dispersal and April 1 for June dispersal.
  5. The staff of the Concord Baptist Association is available to help churches build their strategy and prepare their application.

Revisions to the Mission Ministry Assistance Fund Guidelines must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority by the Executive Committee or in an Annual Meeting.